Structure and content of the Ph.D. thesis

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December 17, 2020
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December 20, 2020

Structure and content of the Ph.D. thesis

The Ph.D. thesis of candidate of sciences is an indicator of the research maturity of a young scientist, which gives the right to carry out research, experimental and teaching activities in higher educational institutions. The general structure of a

  1. Stages of writing a Ph.D. thesis
  2. The volume of the Ph.D. thesis
  3. Sample title page
  4. List of references

The structure of the Ph.D. thesis

A work for a candidate’s degree is a type of research work that has a standard structure and consists of an introduction, two or three chapters, divided into paragraphs, accompanied by conclusions and a general conclusion.

The future candidate of sciences organizes the research in the following order:

  • Choice of direction, subject;
  • Determination of leading methodological approaches;
  • Study and analysis of scientific literature on the topic;
  • A pilot study aimed at determining and clarifying the hypothesis and methods, the selection of diagnostic techniques;
  • Ascertaining, forming and controlling stages of the experiment;
  • Processing, systematization of information;
  • Preparation of the full text and abstract;
  • Preparation for the pre-defense and defense procedure.

At the end of the candidate’s dissertation, a conclusion is written, which summarizes the theoretical and experimental work done, indicates its theoretical and practical significance. After the conclusion is a list of studied and used books and other sources.

The structure of the thesis allows the presence of applications, including illustrative material, tables and graphic objects of a large volume, a thesaurus with definitions of key concepts for this research, as well as author’s recommendations, programs, methods, etc.

In the process of theoretical and experimental activity, the dissertation candidate publishes the intermediate results of his research in articles of various levels, including publications in publications recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission. The published materials should not repeat the chapters of the candidate’s dissertation, they are intended to reflect the main provisions, significant conclusions on the text as a whole or in its parts.

Ph.D. thesisHow many pages should there be in a PhD thesis?

In the current regulatory framework, the exact minimum amount of work for a dissertation candidate is not defined.

The size of the Ph.D. thesis is determined by the chosen topic, goal and objectives, may depend on the volume of research carried out, the duration of the experiment, and in any case is a purely individual characteristic of the development of a particular dissertation researcher.

The minimum volume of a Ph.D. thesis is determined by the author and supervisor. At events for pre-defense at the department to which the graduate student or applicant is attached, the volume is adjusted.

For example, the order approving the Regulation on the Council for the Defense of Dissertations, the Decree on the procedure for awarding academic degrees, the order approving the nomenclature of scientific specialties, etc. are posted in the “Regulations” section on the official website.

Title page for Ph.D. thesis

The final certification work has a title page, which contains the necessary information about the author, his supervisor, specialty. The final text document is submitted and published in print with a note on the title page “as a manuscript”: this note indicates the absolute copyright of the candidate.

The title page of the Ph.D. thesis contains the following blocks as mandatory elements:

  • The official name of the educational organization on the basis of which the research was carried out;
  • Full name, patronymic, surname of the author;
  • Theme;
  • Nomenclature number and full name of the specialty;
  • An indication of the academic degree for which the defender is applying;
  • Information about the scientific supervisor (consultant);
  • Data about the place of protection;
  • Year of defense.

In 2020, the title page is drawn up in accordance with the current state standards that reveal the requirements for construction and formatting (7.0.11 – 2011; 7.0.100 – 2018; 2.105 – 95).

A sample title page of a Ph.D. thesis is posted on the page of the Dissertation Council, the official resource of the Department of Graduate and Doctoral Studies.

Registration of a bibliography of a candidate dissertation

The bibliographic list serves as a capacious and eloquent characteristic of a potential candidate, gives an idea of ​​the depth of study of the chosen topic, of his ability to navigate in the field of modern science.

The list of references necessarily contains the names of different types of publications:

  • Fundamental works of local and foreign classical researchers;
  • Topical developments of domestic and foreign leading scientists;
  • Publications in monographs, collections, conference abstracts, journals close to the thematic field of the presented research.

Acquaintance with the updated methodological guidelines on the preparation and presentation of an important scientific work will help to eliminate shortcomings in a timely manner, bring it into line with international standards.

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