What is a Laboratory Report?

Structure and content of the Ph.D. thesis
December 20, 2020

What is a Laboratory Report?

Laboratory ReportA laboratory report on laboratory work is written based on the results of the assignment, within which the student receives practical skills and finds application of his theoretical knowledge. The structure of the laboratory report does not differ much from other types of scientific papers.

Laboratory Report Structure

What information should be in the laboratory report:

  • Data on the work (topic, discipline), name of the author and teacher;
  • Targets and goals;
  • Object and subject of research;
  • Conventions and terms;
  • Theoretical input data;
  • Availability of technical equipment;
  • The chosen methods of the experiment;
  • The results obtained during the research;
  • Analysis of the results of the experiment;
  • Conclusion

Laboratory Report Title Page

The title page contains the name of the topic, the author of the work and a number of other fields. We will not tire of repeating; the correct form of the title page is always in the pulpit.

Title page structure:

  • The name of the university, department and faculty;
  • The title “report on laboratory work”;
  • An indication of the discipline in which the laboratory work is performed;
  • Full description of the topic of work;
  • Information about the student who completed the work;
  • Information about the teacher who checked the work;
  • City ​​and year of work.

Laboratory Report Introduction

At the beginning of the laboratory report, the student describes the purpose of the work and the tasks to be solved. Tasks are methods of achieving a goal.

Further, the rationale for the need for the experiment is formulated – why should it be carried out, how its results can affect the development of the issue under study.

The object and subject of research are also considered.

The object is the studied scientific area, the subject is a specific part, problem or question of this area.

Laboratory ReportLaboratory Report Theoretical Part

The content of the theoretical part depends on the discipline in which the laboratory work is done. This can be a description of formulas, theorems, measuring instruments and techniques, the history of the study of the problem. All this is presented in a thesis and as brief as possible.

Laboratory Report Practical Part

The practical part describes the technical equipment for the experiment, methods and work progress.

Attention should be paid to the description of the results obtained during the experiment and their analysis. Interim results are recorded in tables that complement the description of progress.


The report ends with a conclusion and conclusions. In them, the student fixes the final results of the experiment, lists the solved problems, makes a conclusion.

Writing tips

  • Before starting the lab, familiarize yourself with the report format for your department and write a short outline of the future report. This way, you don’t miss out on important intermediate or experimental information that you might need.
  • If during the experiment you need to record a lot of data, enter them immediately into the table of the format that will be needed in the report. As a result, you will have already printed part of the data. This is more convenient than typing this information from a draft later.
  • Ask senior students about which programs are convenient for calculating this lab. Sometimes in the methodology, outdated software is recommended or there is no advice at all on this topic.

In summary, the laboratory report contains not only the material of the practical assignment, but also the theoretical justification, as well as the relevance of the work and conclusions.

When compiling a report on laboratory work, it is important to remember that the requirements for writing and formatting, depending on the specific university, may vary. In order to avoid mistakes when performing the laboratory, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the relevant documentation, which can be obtained from the teacher or at the department.

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