Research in a scientific article

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December 20, 2020
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December 22, 2020

Research in a scientific article

One of the essential requirements for scientific research work is the description of the value of scientific research from the point of view of theory. The theoretical significance of the research should be understood as the disclosure of thematic material, the proposal of new data on the subject and object of research.

In other words, it demonstrates the importance of the scientific work carried out from the point of view of the existing theory, supplementing it with new conclusions or rethinking the existing ones. Clarity of presentation, observance of requirements and standards of citation format are important.

scientific research workAn example of use in the work: “The theoretical significance of the research is to determine the role of the supervisor in the upbringing of a young specialist. Practical – the results can be applied by students with the aim of a deeper understanding of the future specialty. ”

The theoretical significance of the research allows the researcher to explain what his contribution to existing knowledge is.

The theoretical significance of the research work is as follows:

  • Coverage of the problem, statement of the problem (for example, preserving endangered animals, protecting the environment, etc.);
  • Show the problem from a previously unexplored side. Launch new developments in this area;
  • Prove that the conclusions can optimize the practical part;
  • Contribute to the development of theory, supplement existing knowledge;
  • Arouse interest, create an incentive to continue searching in this area.

Thus, successfully completed surveys serve as the basis for further work in this area.

Criterion of the theoretical significance of the study

The criterion establishes the influence of research results on existing concepts, theories and postulates. It is necessary to note the previously absent provisions that were obtained by the researcher as a result of scientific research. Then demonstrate their theoretical significance for the further development of science.scientific research work

Based on this, the theoretical significance of the study can be assessed as:

  • Very high. Justification of new theoretical approaches, the theory is a holistic, logically constructed structure. Due to the implementation of the results, new directions and prospects for this area are opened
  • The results obtained are supplemented and supplemented by existing concepts. New theory developed;
  • The results are specified, certain provisions are specified. Provisions have been developed that have a narrower scope. Prospects for solving particular issues within one area or topic;
  • The results obtained are not novel, repeat the existing ones, and are not specific. The scientific concept is poorly formulated, not logically substantiated. It has no development prospects.

Thus, research work will be highly appreciated and worthy of publication in thematic journals if it contains provisions that carry scientific novelty, has theoretical and practical significance for science and society.

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