December 27, 2020
Leadership Action Plan PowerPoint Slide Show
December 27, 2020


Follow directions, read the following thoroughly and think the plan through.

You are building your own home. You are preparing a project plan for the build.

  • Today is day 1, it is 1-April-2017.
  • You have been working with an architect and he has two weeks of work to finalize the plans that will go to the other contractors.
  • The contractors will only work 8 hours per day and will not work weekends. 29-May, 4-July, 4-September, 9-October and 23-November are all non-working holidays.
  • The day after receiving the plans from the architect, the surveyors of your property will take 5 days for their work and will supply their specifications to the site preparation team on their last day.
  • The site preparation team expects to take 10 days to properly grade the property and have it ready for the concrete contractor to prepare the foundation of the house.
  • The concrete contractor estimates 3 days to pour the foundation. The concrete requires 5 days to dry (cure). Once cured, they require 1 final day to finish the foundation and install the sill plate.
  • The framing contractor’s materials will arrive on the same day that the concrete contractor is working on the sill plate.
  • Once the sill plate is installed, the carpenters immediately start working and expect 3 weeks for the walls and the roof to be framed.
  • The roofer and the brick contractors work at the same time once this is complete. The roof is completed in 4 days. The brick contractor completes their first phase three weeks.
  • The plumber begins his work the day after the roofers finish their work and he completes his first phase in 2 weeks.
  • The electrician begins the day after the plumber is finished for their first phase of their work. It takes them 2 weeks.
  • The heating and air conditioning contractor starts their work on the first day of the electrician’s second week. They take 9 days.
  • Windows and doors are installed the day after the heating and air conditioning contractor finishes their work. Their work takes 3 days.
  • Following the doors and windows being installed, the interior carpenters begin their work and will take 3 weeks to complete the interior walls. They take another week to building the kitchen.
  • The plumber and the electrician work at the same time for one more week, once the kitchen is complete.
  • At the same time that the plumber and electrician start their work, the dry wall contractor finishes the interior walls in 2 weeks’ time. The brick contractor starts the completion of the outside of the house, the steps to the front and back door, and walk ways at the same time and takes just 1 week.
  • The interior of the house is painted once the electrician and plumber are completed and it takes the painters 3 days.
  • Kitchen cabinets, molding and other interior finishing work is completed in 2 weeks once the painters are complete.
  • After the cabinets, molding and finishing is complete, appliances are installed. This takes 2 days.
  • The electrician and plumber work together and finish their work in 2 days, once the appliances are installed.
  • The remaining flooring and carpeting is then installed in 3 days.
  • The final inspection only takes 1 day and follows the installation of the carpet and final flooring.
  • You have been busy purchasing your new furniture for the whole house. You have arranged delivery for the day after the inspection is approved.
  • QUESTION:. one date each for the first three questions and the contractor’s name for the forth

Question 1: What date do you schedule the furniture delivery?

Question 2: If the brick contractor took 7 days to finish outside of the house, the steps to the front and back door, and walk ways, when would you schedule the delivery of the furniture?

Question 3: The framing contractor’s materials arrive a day early, when would you schedule the delivery of the furniture?

Question 4: I made an error in laying out the tasks above. Which contractor will have to come back to finish their work.

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