January 14, 2021
January 14, 2021


View one of the movies listed below, or any other fictionalized film about the life of a jazz muscian (not a live concert, documentary, or satire). Write a 750 word minimum essay contextualizing the movie within the matrix of concepts, personalities, and music examined in this course. In general, think of this essay as a “critical analysis” in which you need to explain the points you are asserting. Please address the following points:

• Give a brief (1 paragraph) biographical sketch of the principal character/musician. 

• Socially and musically, how is the principal character/musician portrayed? 

• What historical phase of the development of jazz does the principal character belong to?

• How does the life and music of the principal character reflect the issues we’ve examined in relation to that historical phase?
• Describe the narrative of the film. How does the story unfold?

Possible movies:
• Young Man with a Horn – (1949) (about Bix Beiderbeck)
• The Glen Miller Story (1953)
• The Benny Goodman Story (1955)
• The Five Pennies (1959) (about Red Nichols)
• Lady Sings the Blues (1972) (about Billie Holliday)
• Round Midnight (1986) (about Dexter Gordon)
• Bird (1988) (about Charlie Parker)
• The Mambo Kings (1992) (about the Castillo brothers)
• Sweet and Lowdown (1999) (about Emmet Ray)
• For Love or Country (2001) (about Arturo Sandoval)
• Ray (2004) (about Ray Charles)
• De-lovely (2004) (about Cole Porter)
• El Cantate (2007) (about Hector Lavoe)
• Bolden! (2015) (about Buddy Bolden)
• Miles Ahead (2016) (about Miles Davis)
• Born to be Blue (about Chet Baker)

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