Wk 1 Discussion – A Life is Priceless

Wk 1 Discussion – A Life is Priceless

Wk 1 Discussion - A Life is Priceless

HSN/476: Healthcare Policy And Financial Management

Wk 1 Discussion – A Life is Priceless [due Thurs]


Discussion Topic


You watched the “What is a Life Worth?” segment of The Future of Health Care: Meeting of the Minds from this week’s University Library Readings.


Please watch video on the link below. Segment 2, What is a Life Worth? 



Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: 

  • Do you agree with Milken’s view and argument that a life is priceless? 
  • Why or why not? Support your position by citing professional literature or examples from your experience. 
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