What is a topic that allows you to access a professional/expert to conduct a face -to-face interview this semester

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November 12, 2020
Explanations what you got out of the museum visit, and doing the report
November 12, 2020

What is a topic that allows you to access a professional/expert to conduct a face -to-face interview this semester


Here are some things to consider when thinking about a topic:


What is a topic that will be beneficial for you to learn more about either for your future career, your major, or your personal life? What is a topic that is really interesting to you?

What is a topic that allows you to access a professional/expert to conduct a face -to-face interview this semester? This could be a professor on campus who does research on this topic, or someone in the community who works professionally in your topic ar ea. This could allow you to get to know someone on campus in your department or in the community who works professionally involving your topic.

In your preliminary research, what is out there about your topic? Do you need to expand or narrow your topic? Sometimes your initial research will help you decide which topic you want to select.

Feel free to discuss your ideas with Professor Morrison!


Presentations will be done in mini “Pecha Kucha” style—20 slides, 20 seconds each. Go for imagery rather than a lot of text. It needs to reflect what you found in your inquiry. Presentation grade will be based on peer evaluation from your group.

See D2L for more details.


Papers will be written in APA format and should be about 5-6 pages in length (the quality of the paper is much more important than the actual length, but they should not be less than 4 pages, and not longer than 6 pages, plus a reference page.) Papers will be submitted to the D2L Dropbox by the deadline. NO LATE PAPERS will be accepted.

See D2L for more details.

Tentative Project Timeline

This is intended to help you stay on track with this project. Required elements are identified by the points they are worth. Other aspects are recommended.

Weeks 1-6: Identify your topic. Do preliminary research on topic ideas. Come to the instructor’s office hours to discuss topic ideas. Research & Finalize Topic. Visit with one of the library research sessions offered to get ideas on how to find academic research to further your inquiry into your topic. Attend one LIBRARY RESEARCH SESSION. 10 Points. Finalize your topic. Submit your INQUIRY TOPIC to the D2L DROPBOX by the deadline. 10 points.

Weeks 6-8: Read academic information about your topic. Work on your Annotated Bibliography. Outline what you still need to do for your paper. Set up an interview to talk to a PROFESSIONAL about your topic for later in the semester, after you’ve completed some of your academic research.


Week 8: ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY due in the D2L dropbox by the deadline. See posting for instructions for this assignment under “Inquiry Project” in CONTENT. 25 points.

Week 9: Go out in the community to do more research. Take pictures (if appropriate and allowed), talk to people, make observations, gain more first-hand knowledge about your topic. Identify your cross-cultural comparison. Go back to the library and find an example of your topic in another culture. Complete additional research on your cross-cultural comparison. Add your cross-cultural comparison to your draft.

Week 10-11: Integrate the research that you found from your annotated bibliography into your draft. Complete the Proofreading Form for a classmate.

Week 11: INQUIRY DRAFT & PROOFREADING FORM DUE into D2L Dropbox by the deadline. 50 points.

Week 12: Complete all interviews for the paper. Work on your Pecha Kucha presentation.

Week 13: Integrate feedback into your paper. Complete all the components of the final paper, integrate interview information into your paper. Give and provide feedback on structure of final paper with a peer.

Week 14: FINAL INQUIRY PAPER Due. See syllabus for due date. 50 points.

Week 15: FINAL PRESENTATIONS. Present your Pecha Kucha containing your inquiry findings in small groups in class. Peer evaluated. 40 points.

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