CRJ 301
January 21, 2023
2 pages law assignment due 3 hours
January 21, 2023


Minor DilemmaMolly Minor is a high school student in Los Angeles, California. Molly has been looking for a summer job and has gotten two job offers. One is from a Hollywood movie studio, working as an extra for different movies. The other job is working at a coffee shop as a barista. Molly’s mother wants to make sure Molly legally can hold either of those jobs and wonders about the restrictions that may be placed on the parties if they form an employment contract.Under the supervision of your attorney, draft a letter of 300–500 words to Molly’s mother telling whether a job contract with Molly and either employer would be an enforceable contract and why.Submission Details:On a separate page, cite all sources using the Bluebook format.

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