week 2 topic final project presentation coll 100

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March 18, 2023
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March 18, 2023

week 2 topic final project presentation coll 100

The culminating activity for this class is to write and submit a research project. You will be working on this project all through this course building research skills and content one step at a time. To get started, please review the following list of topics and select one you might like to use as the topic of your final paper. Please keep in mind that any topic you choose must be approved by the instructor and must deal with learning in some form or fashion. In addition: you may NOT use this presentation for any other class. Using this presentation for any other class is a form of academic dishonesty.

The project is to fully address one of the topics below. The presentation modality will dictate some of the project’s structure. We will explore presentation modalities in Week 3, so it is not important to know your modality now.

Your task:


  • Write your topic choice in the text box below.
  • Write a question that will drive your thinking and research on the topic.
  • Answer the question in one, declarative sentence (Tip: the ANSWER to your question is what you will write about in your research project. You will support or refute your topic through research. Also, visit Thesis Creator website: http://johnmcgarvey.com/apworld/student/thesiscreator.html. This website is an interactive site that helps you create your project’s thesis. )

Possible topics:


  • Reading for comprehension in __(identify a field of study)__. Think about how reading comprehension is important in General Education courses, a specific discipline, a specific course, or the workplace.

  • Ethics and the college student who is enrolled in ___(name a discipline)___.  As part of your research, report on an instance of unethical behavior in academia, in your degree field, or in the workplace.

  • Digital tools and effective strategies for student engagement in the online classroom. Consider how these tools can be used outside of the classroom.

  • Digital tools to increase academic success for the adult learner in ___(name a discipline)__. Consider how these tools can be used outside of the classroom.  

  • Netiquette and civility in the online classroom.

  • Student retention and effective strategies for promoting personal success in college.

  • Beyond the first college course and effective strategies and resources for completing a degree program in ____(name a discipline)___. This presentation should include the name of the Program Director of your degree program and the Dean of the School in which you are studying. These people are a resource to you.

  • Any topic related to the adult learner: online learning, learning strategies, plagiarism, and ethics that drive successful practices. This topic must be approved by the instructor.

  • Any topic related to online learning, resources, effective practices, ethical behavior, etc. in a specific discipline of study. This topic must be approved by the instructor.

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