January 12, 2021
January 12, 2021


See attachment.

Part 1

Be sure to include all of the points: (Please note the inclusion of a site map, diagram or flow chart.)

What is your topic?
What is the scope?
What goals do you have for this site?
Intended Audience? What impact will that have on how you develop the site?
What unique content (text, images, etc.) will you offer?
What content will you get from other sources?
How frequently will your content need to be updated?
How will your content be organized? What sub-topics will you cover?
What pages do you invision having in your website? Please include a site map, diagram or flow chart.
Describe the page layout and navigation you’re considering.
Are you making this site for a business? If so, what special technology may be needed? (SSL, Shopping Cart, etc)
Are you making the site for a client (someone other than yourself?) If so, how will you involve them in the development process?
Growth Potential: Do you see this as a site that could continue to grow and evolve over time? How much maintenance will be required? What will that involve? Are there things you can do while developing the site that will make it easier to maintain? Do you see this as a site for which you’ve eventually seek out web hosting and a domain name?

Part 2

Website Project First Draft

The purpose of this exercise is to get you some feedback from me prior to turning in your final website project.

Create a first draft of your final website project.
Your draft should meet the following requirements:

  • Your first draft must include all of the pages you plan to have in your final website project. All of your pages must be linked together using the type of navigation you plan to use in your final website project.
  • All of your pages should have the page layout you plan to use in your final website project. Your layout should make use of the CARP principles.
  • Your main page should be called index.html. It should describe or introduce your site. You should have a significant amount of content on at least one other page.
  • Your pages should validate. Links to the HTML and CSS validation results should appear at the bottom of the page.

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