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January 21, 2023
Two police officers were patrolling in a high-crime neighborhood. They noticed a parked car with two people inside (a driver…
January 21, 2023


The following discussion comes from your week 3 readings. Outside research to address these issues is encouraged. I would suggest using the online library for additional sources of information and research.  In addition, I would recommend utilizing the legal studies program guide.The Fourth Amendment protects individuals against unreasonable searches of their property and persons. It also prevents law enforcement from making unlawful arrests/seizures. It requires that all searches be reasonable.This discussion asks you to examine the requirements for a search warrant and the exceptions to needing a warrant.Please thoroughly discuss each of the following:Discuss when a search warrant is needed by law enforcement.Discuss what law enforcement must demonstrate to a judge to have a search warrant issue.Discuss the various exceptions to the search warrant requirement. Please include examples of each in your response.

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