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March 18, 2023
statistics milestone one
March 18, 2023

video analysis 0



Please use the following link to watch the episode “Taboo: Tattoo” from National Geographic.


The film has been broken up into segments so please watch numbers 1-3 in order to answer the following questions (you can stop watching at the end of the Africal scarification). If you would like to watch the final segment about the tattoo convention, you could write something up for extra credit about it. We will be discussing body modification and art in class on Tuesday 5/13 so please use reflections from that discussion to analyze the film. This assignment is due no later than Sunday 5/18 at 11:59 pm.



1.               What is the overall significance of tattoo in Borneo?

2.               Why does the Chief’s son wait so long to be tattooed?

3.               In Benin West Africa, a teenage boy is teased by his friends. Why?

      How do the parents of the three year old explain why they scarify his face

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