Criminological Theory
January 21, 2023
“What Makes an Effective Initial/Preliminary Investigation?” Please respond to the following:
January 21, 2023


1) Find out from insurance company’s websites or other internet sources the makes, models, and years of the top ten vehicles most often stolen in your state and in your nearest metropolitan area. Chart your results.400 words2) Read the auto theft paragraph in box 5.1 on page 123 of your text. Do you agree or disagree with the author? Give the rationale for your stance.200 words.3) Compare and contrast victim facilitation, victim precipitation, and victim provocation.200 words4) As a victim rights advocate, draw up a comprehensive checklist of all the victim oriented services that could and should be offered by user friendly police departments.200 wordsUSE APA FORM SITE YOUR WORK, ALSO NUMBER YOUR ANSWERS WITH THE QUESTION 1,2,3,4

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