December 22, 2020
December 22, 2020


Assignment Details

The Unit 3 Discussion Board assignment has 2 parts. Complete the following for this Discussion Board.

Part I: LabSim Description and Action Items

Please refer to the following for information about accessing and using LabSim:

Click here for the instructions for the Unit 3 Lab tasks.

Part II:

  • Consider how computer hardware, operating systems and applications impact the IT professional. Provide your thoughts about how the computing environment contributes to an individual’s success or failure on the job. Use personal experiences if available. Specify which computer resource(s) you believe to be the most important (processor, memory, display, expansion slots, etc.) and explain why. Be sure to comment about the impacts of mobile devices.
  • Share your thoughts about how you would choose between purchasing a desktop, laptop, notebook or mobile device. Identify criteria that you would use to choose one of these platforms.
  • Review the posts of your classmates, and add your perspective of their situations and solutions.
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