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November 25, 2022
ATPN W3A1 Discussion Questions
November 25, 2022

Topic 1: EBP and PICOT

1page, due in 2hrs, dont accept if you cannot deliver!Topic 1: EBP and PICOTDiscuss how you used the three components inherent to Evidence-Based Practice inquiry to direct your clinical question database search.The PICOT question: Does repositioning of bed bound patients every two hours decrease the risk of pressure ulcer versus repositioning every 5 hours?Please adhere to nursing information that is related to my PICOT questionNeeds to be 1 pageUse Peer reviewed nursing articles that are less than 5 years oldPlease give 4 referencesAdditional informationThe three components inherent to any evidence-based practice change are validity, reliability, and credibility. These three components are the check system to determine whether the practice is based on evidence-based research.

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