February 19, 2021
Evidence-Based Project, Part 4: Critical Appraisal Of Research
February 19, 2021


Tools for Data Analysis

Before you can present information for decision making, you must first gather and analyze the necessary data. There are a number of different tools that can be used to evaluate process performance and to help gather data for making decisions on how to improve those processes. In this Application, you will compare selected tools, find examples of those tools being applied, and describe how they are being used.

For the 7 tools mentioned in the article “The Seven Quality Tools” in this week’s Resources:

Answer the following

  • Create a table containing practical applications for each tool, strengths (why that tool works well for those applications), and tips for use/cautions relevant to the tool.
  • For each tool listed, find an online example where the tool was used properly and provide the link to your example and a brief description of how it was used and your analysis of its effectiveness or whether there was a better tool and why.

All work in APA format with proper citing!



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Retrieved from the Education Research Complete database.

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