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May 10, 2022
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May 10, 2022

Targets & Indicators

Topic: reducing childhood obesity by 20 percent

Complete Part 9 (develop targets and indicators) for your final project.

An indicator is a variable used to measure progress towards the stated goals, objectives and targets of the plan, allowing managers to assess progress towards benchmarks. It is a specific measure of plan performance that is tracked over time by the monitoring system.

Criteria for indicator

Indicators should measure the condition or event they are intended to measure.
Indicators should be objective and produce the same results when used more than once to measure the same condition or event, all things being equal (for example, using the same methods/tools/instruments).
Indicators should measure only the condition or event they are intended to measure.
Indicators should reflect changes in the state of the condition or event under observation.
Indicators should be measured with definitions that are developed and tested at the programme level and reference standards.
 The costs of measuring the indicators should be reasonable.
It should be possible to carry out the proposed data collection under normal programme conditions
 Indicator can be objectively measured
Indicators should be comparable over time and across different geographical sites

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