February 18, 2021
A woman is in her first trimester of pregnancy
February 18, 2021


Take and score the attached survey to get an idea of your theoretical leanings at this early stage. Discuss with your classmates on the Discussion Bpard. This is NOT your Weekly Homework. The latter is below.

1. Write one paragraph response to that

2. Write answer for this classmate.



I found the questionnaire helpful in some instances and not so helpful in others. Overall; however, I found it useful to be able to get an understanding of where/what I would do or place myself for a particular situation based on an orientation. I found that some of the questions were not so updated- as to what we would do in a real-life situation today. Alongside, at the end of the questionnaire, I found myself placed not strongly in just one theoretical orientation, but many put together. Before I took this, I felt strongly for one over another; however, I realized that a lot of these put together describe me best instead of solely focusing on one. It will be interesting to note if any of my beliefs or opinions change as time goes and how these changes will affect my thinking- especially with more clinical background.

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