December 27, 2020
December 27, 2020


Applying the scientific method state a hypothesis and design an experiment in which you will test the effect of an acidic fluid on enzymatic activity. (Recall: enzymes are proteins.) As you design this experiment please remember that you are trying to examine how an acidic fluid will modify the outcome of an enzymatic reaction. In your experimental design, you must clearly explain what you are doing. That means that you will need to identify the enzyme and the acid, as well as explain your experimental protocol. You must also thoroughly explain how the addition of the acidic fluid will impact the overall reaction process

You may need all or some of the following, depending on your experimental design:

Materials that may be needed

  • pH paper
  • hydrogen peroxide solution
  • plastic beakers or cups
  • vinegar
  • yeast
  • balloons
  • plastic bottle
  • marker for labeling of beakers

You may choose to use additional materials (different acidic solutions and/or different organisms and/or different substrate(s) if you chose to look at an enzyme other than catalase).

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