Social Science  SOWK 725 work wel-being and social Policy
May 17, 2023
Social Science  discussion question
May 17, 2023

Social Science  tourism business

Culminating Assignment:Create a Tourism Business. Description:• You will use all that you have learned throughout the course and create a tourism business.• You may create any type of business connected with the travel and tourism industry, but the key factor is that you will need to attract tourists to your business.• Your tourism business may be based on any type of tourism covered in this course. You should specify in your business plan, what type of tourism you are involved in.• During your presentation, you will be selling your business to potential tourists, so remember to explain how your tourism business is the right experience/service for them.You will provide: • A detailed business plan, which describes your tourism business • A informational poster or slideshow, which will inform potential tourists about your business and sell it to them Instructions: Decide on your businessplease see attachment for more details and examples

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