Social Science  Healthcare Ethics
May 17, 2023
Social Science  WK5
May 17, 2023

Social Science  Short-Essay Assignment

Short-Essay Assignment 1InstructionsFor this assignment you will compose a well-written and thoughtful short-essay of 500-750 words in length (2-3 pages). Select and answer one of the four questions provided.Format & ExpectationsState your thesis, the answer you want to defend using at least three well-supported reasons embodying logic, reason, and research. Give possible objections to your arguments, answer these objections and restate your conclusion.Essays should include a Works Cited page following MLA Style.For grading expectations, please refer to the PHIL200 Writing Rubric.SubmissionSubmit your essay as an attachment within the Assignments area.Due: Sunday, by 11:55 p.m., ETQuestions:Answer one of the questions below in a well-written, thoughtful essay:Do all arguments about abortion come down to the question of what is the moral status of the fetus? Explain.Agree or disagree with the statement, “the only proper context for sex given its nature is as part of a committed personal relation”.Agree or disagree with the statement, “there is no objective right and wrong because people never agree about what is right and wrong”.Psychological egoism is the view that all persons, without exception, seek their own self-interest. Argue for or against.

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