Social Science  Weekly Assignment 9
May 17, 2023
Social Science  Need today in 2 hours
May 17, 2023

Social Science  role play script

Now that you have completed your role play script, it is time  to record your role play. Practicing your social work skills through  role plays is an essential part of a social work education. Role plays  assist you in identifying the areas where you are strong, as well as the  areas where you might need improvement. They also allow you to develop  the social work instincts necessary to effectively work with clients.PART A: Client System Role Play Video ( Im going to make the video based on your script u provide}Role Play Video (4–5 minutes):Record the role-play that you have been working  on since Week 5. Although this is a role-play, you should demonstrate  your professionalism in demeanor, appearance, and behavior. Please dress  professionally and ensure a quiet place to record without  interruptions. Your video role-play, should include:A demonstration of the interaction between  you, as the social work intern, and the client system you selected that  reflects the Engagement step in the Generalist Intervention Model. The  scene should include the following:Demonstrating effective attending skillsDiscussing agency services and client expectationsDeciding if the agency and worker can helpOffering agency and worker services to the clientOrienting the client to the helping process, including:A discussion of confidentialityA discussion of a social work intern’s roleTo submit your Project, do the following:Use the Kaltura Media Uploader to upload the video to the Project link: Project Forum – Week 9.PART B: Client System Role Play Transcript( Use template)Using the same Role Play Script Template provided  in the week 5, provide a detailed script that includes verbatim  dialogue, identifies non-verbal communication, and identifies practice  skills/behaviors used. In the required transcript, include:A description of the fictional agency setting and types of services provided at this agency.A description of the client system (depending on the client level you selected—micro, mezzo or macro).An explanation of the presenting concernA  description of the client session scene in which you implement the GIM  step and practice skills you have selected for working with this client  system.A verbatim script of the dialogue that occurs between  you, as the social work intern, and the client(s). Note that the  dialogue should depict the techniques you would use to implement the GIM  step and the practice skills you selected for the client interaction.  [Column 1 in Template]A description of the visual cues or  non-verbal communication that both the social worker and the client  exhibited during the interaction that support the GIM step and practice  skills you selected. [Column 2 in Template]Identification of specific practice techniques/skills demonstrated. [Column 3 in Template]

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