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May 17, 2023
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May 17, 2023

Social Science  Policy Paper

Social Policy Brief Outline:Defining the Scope of the Social Problem: The purpose of this element of the brief is to convince the target audience that a current and urgent problem exists which requires them to take action. The context and importance of the problem is both the introductory and first building block of the brief. As such, it usually includes the following:a description of the problem—what is the problemwhat is the definition of the social problem?what is the scope/extent of the problem?using statistics identify who the problem impacts, whether it disproportionately impacts one population,who defines it as a problem?what is the context of the problem?how long it has been a problem?what are underlying causes or factors related to the social problem?Include only the essential facts that a decision maker “needs to know” to understand the context of the problem. Assume that you have been hired to filter through reams of information on behalf of a busy and sleep-deprived person. Be clear, precise, and succinctDescription Social Policy: The purpose of this section is to identify the policy/legislation that addresses the social problem.identify the policy or legislation or pending policy/legislationwhat are the policy objectives of the policy?who supports or opposes the policies?Implementation of Policy Options:What is/are the social programs/initiatives implemented or proposed to be implemented as a result of the social policy?Is/are the actual/proposed programs/initiatives effective?What are strengths/limitations of the proposed/actual policy program/initiative?Affected Populations:Which workers/working families will be touched by the policy and proposed initiatives?What might be the positive or unintended negative consequences of the policy?Intended/Actual Impact:What is/was the intended impact of the policy? How has it or will it affect workers/families?Who was or is supposed to be affected by the policy?How will or has the social problem change?If you chose an established policy, have there been unintended consequencesPolicy Summary: Briefly, summarize the social issue, the proposed legislation, and its actual or intended effects on workers and/or working families. End with a strong recommendation and why the policy is important to workplaces.References. A minimum of 10 references is expected to support your research.

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