Social Science  Policy Paper
May 17, 2023
Social Science  Unit 2 Assessment – Life Cycle of a Social Problem
May 17, 2023

Social Science  H1N1 Flu outbreak of 2009

Prompt:Consider the H1N1 influenza or “swine flu” outbreak of 2009. Read “Mitigation Approaches to Combat the Flu Pandemic” to learn more about mitigation strategies that have been employed in the past, and then write a short case analysis addressing the following questions:How do the biological characteristics of airborne diseases impact their transmission? ?What strategies have been employed? Are some strategies more effective than others? Why?Guidelines for submission: Submit assignment as a Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. Your paper must be 1–2-pages with at least three sources cited in APA format.Free of plagiarism. Paper checked with turnitin app.

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