Social Science  week 7
May 17, 2023
Social Science  Leadership and Strategic Communication
May 17, 2023

Social Science  Discussion 4a – Group 2

Case study on Chronic Disease Prevention and Health PromotionPROMPTWhat are the ethical implications of this case study?What are the ethical implications of alternative courses of action?What should we do in this situation and how can we justify that decision?Before you begin your discussion this week prepare by reading Chapter 5 in your textbook. Read the case study located in section 5.7 of your textbook, Case 1: Municipal Action on Food and Beverage Marketing in Youth. View the video summarizing the issues related to chronic disease prevention and health promotion. Your Grocery Store Child Marketing Assignment is reviewed in this video, and background is provided for the case study. You will respond to Steps 1 and 2 of the 3-Step process by Wednesday and respond to Step 3 by Saturday.Step 1: Analyze the Ethical Dimensions of the Public Health Issue and ContextYou direct the public health policy program for a large city health department. You have been asked to prepare a brief outlining the key public health considerations in this case. Your guidance has long-term policy implications because the city council will use your information as they make decisions about whether or not regulate corporate sponsorships in your city. Respond to the following prompts:How will public opinion inform your briefing note?Should a city department define rules for sponsorship? If so, which department? (You may want to look at the website for a local city to see what departments make up municipal government.)How would your perspective as a parent enter into your professional decisions on this issue? How does your perspective as a citizen enter into your judgment?Step 2: Formulate Alternative Courses of Action and Evaluate their Ethical DimensionsYour briefing note will influence policy makers to make one of two choices:Continue to accept sponsorship from Big Boss Burger and other local businesses, accepting their conditions, for example the requirement to use their logos.Restrict the sponsorships of these businesses in some way.Respond to these prompts:What are the potential benefits and harms of continuing to accept the sponsorship if Big Boss Burger and other local businesses?What are the potential benefits and harms of restricting sponsorship from local businesses like Big Boss Burger?What are the ethical dimensions of each option?Step 3: Provide Justification for a Particular Public Health DecisionFor this step, your discussion team will communicate and decide together the answers to these questions. Your team can discuss and decide using your discussion board or you are welcome to set a time for your team to meet virtually through Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc. Your groups are large so it might be challenging to find a time that works for everyone. If this is the case, please use the discussion board so everyone can weigh in on the decisions. One team member should make a final post on behalf of the team to share your team’s decision and justification.What will you advise the city officials?  Formulate a clear statement such as “We recommend that the city allow/restrict sponsorships…”What is the justification for your decision? (Which ethical principles take priority and why?)

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