August 26, 2020
August 26, 2020

Social Psychology

Seeking competent relevant college-levelwriting the stays on topic and answers the questions completely. Must use questions as subheadings before each response.No maximum seeking answers in 3 -5 paragraphsper question. Topic: Social Psychology
SECTION 3: Heuristics
This section of the assignment is designed to help you understand heuristics and the how they can inadvertently lead to erroneous judgments.
1. Play a first person shooter game online athttp://psych.colorado.edu/~jclab/FPST.html.Were you surprised by the finding? What if anything did it tell you about your own heuristics?
2. Google and Read the Police Officer’s Dilemma article.Describe one of the major findings. Do you think the representativeness heuristic and availability heuristic explain the recent policy shootings in the media? What other factors do you think may be involved?
SECTION 4: Behavior and Attitudes
Behavior and Attitudes’
This section is designed to help you understand factors that influence our attitudes and behavior.
1. What iscognitive dissonance? Describe a time when you experienced cognitive dissonance. How do theorists suggest that people reduce dissonance? How did you reduce yours?
2. Describe theover justification effectand give an example that illustrates it.
3. Develop a question of your own around one of the concepts from the chapter that can help the class understand it better (Do not ask yes/no or True/False) questions as they do little to encourage critical
SECTION 5: Cultural Similarities & Differences
Cultural Similarities & Differences
This section is designed to help you understand and appreciate cultural similarities and differences. Speak with someone from a different culture than yourself (culture can represent a different generation gender race ethnicity differing abilities veteran status sexual orientation etc. as culture can be very broad).
1. In three to five paragraphs you will share what you learned about the different culture you experienced. What were some of the similarities and differences? What aspects of their culture did you find most interesting or surprising?
SECTION 6: Conformity & Obedience
Conformity & Obedience
This section will help you to differentiate among different types of conformity. DEFINE Conformity and answer the two following questions in 3 5 paragraphs each.
1. Define: Compliance Obedience or Acceptance. Give an example of a time when you engaged in one of the particular forms of conformity.
2. What was one factor that decreased obedience in the Milgram studies? How much did it decrease obedience?

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