Social Media Health Surveillance Due 9/17/2020

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May 9, 2022
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May 9, 2022

Social Media Health Surveillance Due 9/17/2020

Social media health surveillance

You are going to conduct a “surveillance” of a social media network (Facebook page or Twitter feed) on smoking cessation. Using keyword searches for data collection on health status, responses, and disparities in treatments, access information about smoking cessation.

1. (250 words) Provide background information regarding smoking cessation and the impact it has on population health.

2. (250 words) Using credible article discuss and report on how these platforms might be used to collect and analyze near real-time data (“infodemiology”).

3. (250 words) What value does it offer in terms of informing and gauging public attitudes?

4. (200 words) Did you find evidence of disparities in access to information, resources, and assistance?

Use APA 7th edition to support your discussion and at least three reference including the textbook Provide subheading for each topic.

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