January 13, 2021
January 13, 2021


Please respond to two contributions and provide feedback to a student’s response.

Provide two examples of how you have been impacted by someone else’s poor security measures. Please perform some basic research on each example – including two additional sources explaining the attack. Follow-up responses should either explain how the attack could have been prevented and identify the type of attackers (cyber criminals, script kiddies, brokers, insiders, cyberterrorists, hactivists, state-sponsored attackers, or unknown). If both of these questions have been answered, a response should explore the long-term consequences of the security breach.

Points Breakdown –

Original Post (4 pts)

Two examples of poor security measures ( 2pts)

Two additional sources for each attack ( 2pts)

Follow-up response (6 pts)

Prevention and identification (3 pts) x 2

AND/OR (for a maximum of 6 pts)

Long-term consequences of the security breach (3pts)

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