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March 18, 2023
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March 18, 2023

sco assignment

Assignments: You will be required to complete four assignments in which you will apply what you have learned. In some cases the assignments will involve use of Internet resources or keeping track of phenomena over time or a field trip. You should allow approximately one week minimum for each assignment. You should ensure that you have access to a digital camera. All assignments must be submitted through Blackboard using the link provided. Create a single PDF (preferred) or Microsoft Word file (with a filename of the form “GSCI 110 VA Lastname Firstname Assignment X.xxxx”) containing all of the questions (with numbers) and answers for that assignment.  Click on the box to browse your computer for the file, then attach it and select Submit. Feel free to contact your instructor if you have difficulty submitting the assignment answers in Blackboard. Assignments sent through email or other means will not be graded. Please report your difficulties if you have trouble submitting via blackboard, but ultimately it is your responsibility to submit your documents to me via blackboard. The metric (SI) system is the international standard for science, so please convert all units from statute units (feet, miles, pounds or Fahrenheit) to metric units (km, m, cm, kg, Celsius). Expect to lose points if you use non-metric units. Geocoordinates (latitude and longitude) may be expressed as decimal degrees (as long as they are not prematurely truncated) or degrees/minutes/seconds. Treat the assignment answers as a professional report with headings as necessary so the instructor can find everything and give you all the credit you deserve. Please use a serif font such as Times New Roman to enhance readability, and keep the font consistent throughout the document. Using boldface type with keywords and headings is an easy way to keep yourself organized. Text should wrap around inserted pictures. All assignments are graded independently, so if you are using material from a previous assignment, restate the material rather than refer to it. If you use material from an existing source, be sure to paraphrase it and not quote it (see Academic Honesty below) and include a citation in the text and reference to the source at the end of your answer using the APA format (


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