December 27, 2020
December 27, 2020


I have an assignment which writes a response post about 150 words. Mostly the response about agreeing with his opinion or not.

In the attachment the post, and below example for a response for another student.


You brought up a very interesting point,

“It is proven that the only way that all these corporate misconducts could be avoided and even dealt with is if it would be insisted more on the duties of each person part of a corporation.”

Your very right that not everybody should be the ones to blame. Think about this scenario. What if we have a situation where the executives are threatening employees saying that they would lose their jobs, if they do not commit the fraud to make the company’s financials look good? Who would you say should be punished in this situation?

The Executive, The Employees or both?

I would say both. The employees who are threatened could easily leave the job and press charges on the executive. The ones who committed the crime are just as guilty as the executive. Whats your opinion?

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