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March 18, 2023
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March 18, 2023

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Audience: Academic—choose your specific group of individuals  


Purpose: To Argue: Argument of Definition, Argument of Causation, Argument of Evaluation, Argument of Recommendation, Argument For/Against, Argument of the Past, Present, Future (Your choice, upon approval)  


Format: 3-4 pages; MLA; Times New Roman; 12 Point Font; A MINIMUM of 2 SOURCES (( the sources between years ((1995-2015))


Genre: Argument

Academic arguments discover some version of the truth, using evidence and reason, while academic persuasion changes a point of view or move others from a conviction to action. For this assignment, write an argumentative essay regarding some aspect of GENDER (see topic sheet for ideas). To successfully complete this assignment, consider the following format:


·       The introduction of your essay should state the issue being debated, identifies the issue’s two or more sides, and usually offers an explicit thesis that the argument will support.

·       The body of your essay will have an objective summary of opposing views, including their strengths, a point-by-point discussion of the limitations of opposing views, a summary of your viewpoint and your understanding of the issue, and a point-by-point discussion of both strengths and limitations of your position, arguing overall that yours is superior.

·       The conclusion of your essay drives home your thesis, revisits main points, and looks to the future.


Remember, choose a purpose for arguing, choose appropriate and timely sources, choose a style, and choose the design of your document. Additionally, be aware of your personal rhetorical strategies (logos, ethos, pathos).


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