250 Words And Two Scholarly Sources
January 25, 2023
Business Law
January 25, 2023


Name_____________________1) From early settlers to contemporary politicians, the correctional system in the United States has taken many forms throughout the centuries.  In no less than 500 words combined, please describe the mission, purpose and physical structure of: 1) the Pennsylvania Penitentiary System, 2) New York Auburn System, and 3) the Elmira Reformatory.2) Jeremy Bentham and Ceasare Beccaria are considered the fathers of criminology.  Please explain their theoretical contribution to criminology in no less than 250 words.  What were their ideas?3) The Weregild was considered a more humane way of punishment, quite different from the use of Lex Talionis.  In no less than 250 words please describe both.4) The poor commits more crime than any other socio/economic class.  What are some of the reasons that might explain this disparity?  In no less than 250 words, please answer the question.

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