psy 2022 human growth and development
March 18, 2023
maggie k 8414529 2
March 18, 2023

prompt 5



Groups are the essence of life in society.  This assignment will ask you to examine the role of groups in your own life.




The Prompt 


Respond to the following question in the discussion forum for this module.




Indicate why groups are so vital to society and to your own life.  Provide at least two specific examples of the roles groups play in your life.  How would your life change without these groups?






Your textbook, lecture notes, and your own experiences will provide the information necessary to answer the question.






Post your opening response to the question early in the assignment period so that others have time to respond to you.




A thoughtful opening response will consider the importance of groups to society on both a micro- and macro-sociological level. 




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