January 14, 2021
January 14, 2021


Thinking About Systems Thinking and Synergy:

Consider this and answer the three questions below related to systems thinking: According to Daft (2018, p. 54).

Systems thinking is the ability to see both the distinct elements of a system or situation and the complex and changing interaction among these elements. A system is the set of interrelated parts that function as a whole to achieve a common purpose. Subsystems are parts of a system, such as an organization, that depends on one another. Changes in one part of the system (the organization) affect other parts. Managers need to understand the synergy of the whole organization, rather than just the separate elements, and to learn to reinforce or change whole system patterns. Synergy means that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The organization must be managed as a coordinated whole. Managers who understand subsystem interdependence and synergy are reluctant to make changes that do not recognize the impact of subsystems on the organization as a whole.

  • Why should you learn about systems thinking and change management?
  • Give an example of synergy or the lack of synergy in your organization or department.
  • As organizations become more technology-driven, which do you think will become more important—the management of the human elements of the organization or the management of technology? Discuss.
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