In 1 Page Select One Population And Describe Their Current Problems/Issue Discuss Three To Four Types Of Complementary Or Alternative Health Modalities And One Traditional Medicine
May 9, 2022
Developing Organizational Policies And Practices
May 9, 2022

Nursing Care Plan

Attached is a word document that should be used as a template for this assignment. What is written on it is only an example, but use the same headings and format.

Provide one nursing care plan for the older adult that targets prevention and health promotion.

The patient is a 75 year old Caucasian male named Rick Anderson that has a medical diagnosis of heart failure. The nursing diagnosis for this patient is Ineffective Tissue Perfusion related to decreased cardiac output.The patient reported to the emergency department after experiencing abnormal pulse rate and rhythm, difficulty breathing and generalized weakness.

Develop an abstract, a medical history, a medical assessment, a care plan with nursing interventions and a treatment goal.

5 pages.

APA style

3 references required

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