Intergovernmental Unit 3 assignment
January 21, 2023
business and law
January 21, 2023


Currently the Legislative branch is trying to expand the Supreme Court by adding 4 new seats to the Court to make 13 justices instead of 9 justices. The Constitution does not outline specifically how many justices must be appointed. Some argue this is going to “pack the court” with liberal justices. Others argue is it going to create a balance from the current conservative tipped bench presently in place.Answer the following questions:1) What are the pros and cons to expanding the Supreme Court?2) Do you think this is merely a political move or a necessary move?3) What are your thoughts on this issue?4) Do you think the framers intended the Supreme Court to be expanded and or packed on one side or the other?need in 6-8 hours est time2 scholarly references

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