Limitations of the Fourth Amendment
January 21, 2023
Business law
January 21, 2023

Legal environment ESSAY

Write a paragraph or more for each numbered question below (and foreachlettered sub-question where applicable).  Do not copy directly from the book–explain in your own words.  Do not use Google–do not plagiarize–use the material from the book.Book:The Legal Environment of Business, 11th Edition, by Cross and Miller, Cengage PublishingPLEASE ATTACH ONLY ONE FILE FOR ALL QUESTIONS, and please label the question numbers/sub-questions.(Chapters 1, 2, and 3)1. Describe the following:a. Constitutional Lawb. Statutory Lawc. Case Law (also known as “common law” and “judge-made law” – no need to discuss the common law tradition and remedies)2. What is “stare decisis”, and how does it provide legal stability?3. Describe the three branches of government, the “separation of powers,” and what the separation of powers prevents.4. Discuss “duty-based ethics” versus “outcome-based ethics” and the possible drawbacks of each.(Each numbered question is worth 25 points)

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