November 25, 2022
Unit VIII Research Paper
November 25, 2022

Journal Assignment Week 8

Journal Assignment Week 8In a minimum of 550 words, answer the questions below in APA format and apply the required references as noted below.Journal Assignment—Part 1After reviewing the Practicum Weekly Resources, record responses to the following in your Journal:1)       What are the procedures one must follow at your Practicum site to receive approval for research? (See below in yellow)At my Practicum site, the research has to go through the hospital’s IRB, which determines if it is considered exempt from continual review and monitoring, or if they will monitor the progress of the research. All researchers submitting to the IRB must go through an approve committee member. For nursing that is typically the director for professional practice. Additionally, researchers must be NIH certified which means they complete an online class and get a certificate that must be turned in with the IRB application.2)       As a nurse informaticist, comment on the situations you might encounter in which you would need to be cognizant of protecting human research participants. (for example: anonymity, confidentiality, informed consent).Journal Assignment—Part 2Note: Each week, you are responsible for locating a scholarly journal article in the Walden Library related to your area(s) of interest. Include in your Journal the reference in proper APA format and provide a brief summary of the article. (see attached pdf article) and citation below:Ongenae, F., Famaey, J., Verstichel, S., De Zutter, S., Latré, S., Ackaert, A., & … De Turck, F. (2014). Ambient-aware continuous care through semantic context dissemination. BMC Medical Informatics And Decision Making, 1497. doi:10.1186/1472-6947-14-97Journal Assignment—Part 3Practicum Onsite VisitsSummarize the key activities of your visits to your Practicum site (as appropriate), including with whom you met, what you did, and what you gained from the experience.This week, I assisted in another meeting regarding implementation of a new nurse call in the emergency department. The team was able to decide on the different light colors to represent a particular call. (e.g. blinking purple light outside of the patient’s room means that the patient is receiving some type of respiratory treatment). I also worked on my flowchart.Practicum Weekly ResourcesNIH Office of External Research. (2011). Protecting human research participants. Retrieved from is the website of the National Institute of Health’s course for Protecting Human Research Participants. This course reviews the essentials of ethical research with human participants. It is a free program, but you are required to complete a registration.

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