Week 2 SWOT PowerPoint
January 25, 2023
January 25, 2023


Discussion Question 1: Authorship and Copyright IssuesAnna wrote a textbook for a marketing course. Her textbook is used by many programs around the country. Larry, a professor at a large nonprofit state university, made photocopies of a significant portion of the textbook and distributed them to the students in his marketing course.On the basis of your understanding of the above situation, state whether this can be considered a copyright issue? Also analyze Anna’s case in context to moral rights. Provide a well-reasoned answer.Cite case law or statutes to support your answer.Discussion Question 2: Owner of a Work and Copyright ViolationEmily Carver designs dresses for dolls, and she sells these dresses on the Internet. She hires a couple of people to sew the designs, which she provides to them. One day Carver sees a dress she designed in a local store window. She asks the owner who tells her it was Agnes Martin, one of the seamstresses Carver herself had hired, who sold them the dress. Carver wants to sue Martin for copyright violation.Based on the above information, analyze whether Carver can sue Martin. Support your answer with appropriate reasoning.

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