During the season Juan batted 96 times and got 36 hits. Carlos batted 72 times and had the same ratio…
February 23, 2021
write 500 word essay on 2 different neurological disorders that can occur in development and how it affects development, In addition,…
February 23, 2021

Identity Theft

Find a story about identity theft and report how the victims were scammed. Explain what steps you personally take and/or would recommend to the local community on how to protect your identity?

  • Why is identity theft such a problem?
  • Why is identity theft difficult to prosecute?
  • Almost 50 million people subscribed to some form of identity – theft protection in 2010, according to Consumer Reports Money Adviser. Those services, which cost about $120 to $300 a year, promise to protect your ID by monitoring your credit reports 24/7. Would you purchase or advise consumers to purchase this type of service? Why or why not?
  • 150 word
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