How to draw up a bibliography of an abstract?

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January 11, 2021
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January 21, 2021

How to draw up a bibliography of an abstract?

bibliographyThe abstract bibliography is written based on the analysis of a certain number of literature sources. Usually it is about ten or more textbooks, scientific articles, monographs, laws, official websites of organizations and government agencies. Making the information borrowed by the student is properly formatted is a prerequisite to avoid being accused of plagiarism. It is important to know how to correctly format the list of references in the abstract, as well as references or footnotes to borrowings.

We make bibliography in the abstract correctly

There are such options for the design of the borrowed data:

  • References – designation in square brackets of the serial number of the original source in the list of literature, the page of the work from which the information was taken. If the internet resource is used, then the page cannot be specified, then the record takes on a simplified form – only the source number is indicated.
  • Footnotes are a number – a superscript at the end of a quote. At the bottom of the page there is a small list of references used to write this page of the work. Footnotes can be numbered by page or through. It has nothing to do with the order in which the list of references is formed. Design with links is often used
  • Inline links. An abstract is very rarely written using this variant of citation notation. After each borrowed piece, you need to fully describe the source in parentheses. The design of inline links makes it difficult to read the text, search for bibliography and references to research by other authors, but they can still be found in scientific works created a couple of decades ago.

GOST writing does not regulate the question of what type of entry should be chosen if a student writes a simple abstract. You should focus on the preferences of the teacher and the requirements of the educational institution.

Interesting to know!

Often, essays in economics are the first task faced by a student promising in economics. In some schools, teachers understand this and are eager to help inexperienced freshmen write them. However, there are those who consider it their duty to scare the studentbibliography

References – design and method of presentation

After the essay is ready, how to draw up a list of references is the most frequent question for a student.

The list of references is drawn up in alphabetical order, as the primary source appears in the text, according to the years of publication. The latter method is practically not used today for building a list.

To arrange a list of references alphabetically, you need:

  • First, indicate the laws used (we focus on their titles and level – first the constitution, then laws, then decrees, etc.).
  • Authors and sources – books, collections, reports.
  • Internet resources.

Today the abstract is often written on the basis of new formatting standards, according to which the bibliography contains much fewer unnecessary characters. It is enough to exclude unnecessary dashes, duplication of data about the author, for the abstract to take its proper form. Here are examples of old and new ways.

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