How to arrange the title page of a term paper correctly?

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December 22, 2020
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December 22, 2020

How to arrange the title page of a term paper correctly?

term paper50% of the success of a term paper is its correct design, especially the title page and content. To make the design suitable, you can download a sample on the Internet, but it is better to ask for help from laboratory assistants or a teacher. We will try to suggest how the design should look and what it should comply with.

Design according to requirements

All registration standards are clearly described as what the university may require the work to comply with one of them:

The first option is valid in almost every CIS country; therefore, they are guided by it. In this version, the page size should be A4, you can choose any type of font, but more often Times New Roman 12 or 14 is used.

Do not forget that the title page is considered the first page, but the numbering is put down only from the “introduction”. The following rules apply to fields:

  • Top – 1.5-2cm;
  • Bottom and left – 3 cm;
  • Right – 1-1.5 cm.

You can adjust the size of the margins in the page layout and margins section. The title must contain the following information:

  • Full name of the university without abbreviations;
  • Faculty and department name;
  • Thing;
  • Theme;
  • Student data;
  • Group name and number;
  • Curator’s data;
  • City;

The title uses both uppercase and lowercase small letters. Only the name of the ministry, university and topic are highlighted in large letters. Everything else is written in regular letters. Since the requirements may differ in each university, it is better to compare the example from the training manual at the department.

The title page should look like this:

  • University name (regular font, central location);
  • Faculty and department name (centered);
  • There is a double gap between the lines of the department and the faculty;
  • Then in the center “term paper”, the name of the subject and the topic of the term paper;
  • Indent by two lines and offset to the right;
  • Student data, course group, teacher data, “checked”;
  • On the last two lines of the page, write city, year in the middle.

We recommend not to move each line with a space, but to use the tools in the upper right corner of the program. After clicking on the left and at the top, the markup will appear.

Rules for creating a successful job

So that the teacher likes not only the title of the course work, but also the filling, remember a few key recommendations:

  • It is necessary to structure the work according to requirements. Any deviation can become a reason not to accept the job;
  • More than half of the work should be done a month before delivery, because the coursework will definitely have to be correct;
  • In 30% of cases, work is rejected due to insufficient elaboration and poor design, since students start doing this at the last moment;
  • You cannot submit work that has been downloaded from the Internet. Each coursework is checked for plagiarism. You can take a few ready-made works as an example, choose the best of them and rewrite, orienting it to your theme.

term paperRemember that your teacher must guide and correct you, so in case of problems or misunderstandings, you can contact him at any time. But for this you need to do at least one third of the work. And remember that delaying and not handing over the “chapters” on time is fraught with prejudiced attitude of the teacher during the defense.

Making a title page for a course paper

It is quite easy if you follow the basic requirements and a manual. Moreover, for abstracts, laboratory and even a diploma, similar rules apply.

Example of term paper sample

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