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February 23, 2021
For Prof Dan
February 23, 2021


Question/Prompt: Our discussion boards have explored several areas of leadership, from the leaders who have positively impacted you to the style you demonstrate in your own leadership contexts.

In your group discussion boards, begin to discuss your individual posts made for Discussion Board Forums 1–3 and use the information posted to develop a group response that will address the following: Discuss the key leader behaviors from each group member’s selected leader from Discussion Board Forum 1 and develop a list of these behaviors. As a group, decide on the top 5 behaviors and develop a narrative that integrates these behaviors and relates how they reflect good leadership. Next, reflect on the styles these selected leaders exhibited. Determine the most common style and relate why this style may be most conducive to good leadership. Regardless of style, what was one common trait or behavior of these leaders that your group feels made them successful? Finally, relate concepts from Blanchard & Hodges to the behaviors and traits your group has identified. How are the principles of Lead Like Jesus reflected in these leaders?

For this Group Discussion Board post, develop a 700–800-word response that addresses each component above and support your group’s assertions with at least 4 scholarly resources plus (the course texts and other additional research) plus the Bible. Your group post must be in current APA format and must include a title page, abstract, and reference page. The group post is to be written in third person.

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