Future of Informatics

Future of Informatics

Future of Informatics

HSN/376: Health Information Technology For Nursing

Wk 5 – Future of Informatics


Assignment Content


Informatics has changed dramatically over the last ten years. The changes in health care alone have forced organizations to do things far differently than they once imagined. The massive amounts of data available grow every day. The purpose of this assignment is for students to use data and trends to forecast the future of the field of informatics.


Research recent trends to forecast what the upcoming years may bring for the field of informatics.   What does the research predict concerning the future of informatics?


What do you foresee occurring in nursing informatics in the next 5 years?   What advancements in technology do you foresee?   Why do you believe these changes will occur?


Use data to support your predictions.


Include a minimum of three peer-reviewed sources.


Format your assignment as one of the following:

·       concept map

·       diagram

·       digital poster

·       infographic

·       3 to 5 minute podcast

·       5 to 10 slide presentation with speaker notes or narration

·       another format approved by your instructor (APA)


Grading Rubric:


Please refer to the following grading rubric as you formulate your assignment:


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