December 22, 2020
December 22, 2020


Improving a Rule Base


  • Case Project 9-2

    Step 1: At the very least, students should address inbound and outbound HTTP, Telnet, FTP, SMTP, IMAP, POP3, DNS, LDAP, and S-HTTP. Encryption protocols might also apply, depending on specifics of students’ designs.
    Step 2: The rule base should address everything listed in the application traffic matrix as well as common inbound and outbound filtering rules and a cleanup rule. Students should keep the rule base as simple as possible, with the most common rules at the top. The processing order must contain no processing loops or errors that would block desirable traffic or allow undesirable traffic.
    Step 3. Student designs should include a basic DMZ configuration. The designs must meet the stated goals without being extremely expensive. It’s doubtful that a company such as LedGrafix could afford to buy three high-end enterprise firewalls to create a multiple firewall DMZ.
    Step 4: Students should submit a list of hardware and software needed for their solution.
    Step 5: Students should submit the following for this segment of the project:
    • Firewall policy draft
    • Application traffic matrix
    • Draft rule base
    • Hardware and software inventory
    • Updated network design
    Step 6: Students need to continue refining all documentation completed for the final submission of the security proposal.

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