Human Relation- Mid Term
January 21, 2023
Facebook Discussion Analysis
January 21, 2023


In an indoor area, identify three different non-porous objects on which you can place and subsequently collect fingerprints. Using your index finger, wipe your finger along the edge of your nose, where the nose meets your cheek. The purpose is to obtain natural body oils on your finger from which you will make latent fingerprints on various objects. Then roll your finger on a non-porous object to create a latent impression. Repeat the process using two other people to create the impressions.Using fingerprint powders and brushes develop each latent impression. Avoid using too much powder to make these impressions very dark. Use a very light, soft touch with little fingerprint powder and develop slowly, because latent fingerprints can be overdeveloped or destroyed with too much powder or pressure exerted by a brush.Once the latent fingerprints are visible, photograph the impression and then try to collect each impression using the technique demonstrated in the classroom.When you find the characteristics, upload the images of your fingerprints into a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. Your presentation should cover the following areas:Display the fingerprints you have developed.Identify whether each print exhibits a loop, whorl, or arch.Identify as many Galton features as you can, using proper terminology.Describe the method you used to develop these prints.Last, describe how investigators could use these developed prints to possibly identify a suspect.Submission Details:Support your responses with examples.

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