December 27, 2020
. Describe the contemporary issue and explain what external stressors are associated with this issue.
December 27, 2020


Final Project: Value – 100 points, Due Date 5:30 pm, Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The following information outlines the requirements of the final project for the class.

Choose a Fortune 500 company with a large salesforce as the subject of your term paper (100 points). The paper 3 – 5 pages – double spaced, should discuss the structure of the company’s salesforce, their sales approach and how the sales force contributes to the success of the company. Your research should include a minimum of 4 resources that will help you discuss the following areas of their business:

  • A profile of their business
  • What is the company’s competitive environment?
    • Market Share
    • Competitors
    • Products
  • Details about the company’s salesforce
    • Number of sales people
    • In what type of sales activities are these individuals involved
    • What is the management structure?
    • Any additional pertinent details
  • Beyond the sales activity, how does the company market their products/services and why?
    • Target Markets, marketing tools, etc.

In the final paragraph(s) of your paper summarize your thoughts on the company you have chosen and what you have learned about the company and their sales activities as you have completed your research.

Since this assignment is worth 100 points there is a higher expectation concerning the final paper. You will need to research the company, their product(s) and their business as it relates to the topics discussed in class.

Final grades are due very soon after the due date of this project. Due to this fact, late assignments will not be accepted.

Important Note: Be aware that plagiarism is a serious issue. Your paper may be checked by me via WilmU’s “ SafeAssign” which means I will be able to determine any writing that is not in your own words to ensure that it is properly cited, as per APA style. So, make sure you cite sources, and/or use quotes (“), and/or use attribution statements (e.g., according to….) if you are including verbatim or almost verbatim information, comments, or ideas from others in your paper. If you have any questions, please review the University guidelines on plagiarism.


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