Select a state or federal law or regulation related to patient safety that has been implemented within the last five years requiring hospitals or any other health care organizations to change the way they manage the delivery of care.
May 19, 2022
According to research the postmodernity and the new age have raised questions about the nature of religion and challenged its place in society,
May 19, 2022

FE004: Ratio Analysis

FE004: Ratio Analysis

Part 1: Develop the Ratio Analysis Worksheet

For Part 1 of this Assessment, you will use ratios to determine the breakeven point and payback period for your proposed healthcare product or service. To do this:

1) Review Learning Resources.

2) Open the FE_workbook_firstinitial_lastname.xlsx file you used in FE003.

3) Navigate to the A5 Ratio Analysis worksheet.

4) Develop formulas or functions that calculate the following:

a) The total estimated startup expenses (those occurring in Year 0) for your product or service. Be sure to label each appropriately, with enough description to make it clear what the item is and any necessary details regarding sources of revenues (including reimbursements).

PencilNote: “Total estimated expenses” should match those you presented on the A3 Estimated Expenses worksheet.

b) The breakeven point for your product or service

c) The payback period for your product or service idea

PencilNote: The values used for this calculation, including estimated revenues, should match those you presented on the A3 Estimated Expenses worksheet.

d) Include any other ratios or other analyses that you believe are applicable and will strengthen your business case or help inform the decision-making process.

5) Save and submit your assessment.

Part 2: Summary of Analysis and Interpretation of Results

For Part 2 of this Assessment, you will describe your ratio analysis. To do this:

1) Create a brief (1- to 2-page) description in a Word document of your ratio analysis.

2) When will your organization’s investment(s) in the healthcare product or service break even?

3) What is the payback period?

4) What assumptions have you made in your analyses?

5) What do these analyses mean for your organization?

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