environmental conservation web site making

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August 25, 2023
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August 25, 2023

environmental conservation web site making

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For this assignment you will

1) Choose and research a topic of interest that is directly related to the course (e.g. 

“Renewable energy in Arizona”, “Conserving Biodiversity in the Tropics”, “Community 

Support Agriculture”, or anything related to Environmental Conservation that YOU are 

interested in). Note: these topics are now off limits!

2) Design a website to describe the topic to a general audience (the rest of the class).

3) The rest of the class will review your website (Assignment 3). EXTRA CREDIT (10 points)

will be given to those voted as the top five favorites, so make it COOL and have FUN.


Topic and Presentation

Here are the Key Points for this assignment:

 The topic is a pressing and relevant conservation issue (using media such as pictures and 

video will help). On the main page, explain why the chosen topic is pressing and relevant 

to environmental conservation.

 The topic is timely, in that there is active research and action going on to deal with it 

(linking your topic to recent articles or news feeds could work here) What are some major organizations that are addressing this topic? (a set of links to 

other websites would be one way to show this)

Informational Content

 You need to refer to credible sources of information to back up your facts. At a 

minimum you should refer to, cite, and link to five (5) primary sources of information 

and these sources should be credible (Scholarly articles, CRAAP test will help here. The 

Cline Library web site for more information about this test).

 A great resource to help you with this assignment is available through the Cline Library 

at: http://azhin.org/nau/for222

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