December 27, 2020
Nurse/Patient Empowerment in Practice
December 27, 2020


Effects of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss often results in difficulties adjusting to a normal lifestyle in a hearing world. Therefore, counseling is an essential component of any audiological habilitation and rehabilitation. Chapter 12 of Introduction to Communication Disordersemphasizes the importance of informing an individual with hearing loss about the details of the nature of his or her problem, (informational counseling). Informational counseling, however, is just as important as personal adjustment counseling, which involves more of the personal story and mental well-being of the individual. What effects may hearing loss have on communication and psychosocial well-being? What types of factors might an audiologist look for to help a client deal with the emotional consequences of hearing loss? What types of daily activities might be challenging for a person with partial or total hearing loss? How might this disorder impact how a person with hearing loss is treated?

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